Start Over

Hey, I’ve typed this in a million times a minute and everything I had written was completely well completely boring. So this is me starting over for hopefully the first and last time. Heck I even typed in inspirational music to get my creative juices flowing, which did help me get an ear ache if nothing else. But, like I said today is a day for start overs and this girl is going to make sure she gets some of that hot piece of action, even if a hundred feet tornado grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and tossed her into its whirlpool of desire. They do still say that nowadays right? But even if the phrase is to  this day outdated or I have completely made it up, I don’t care. Nothing is going to stop me from capturing the good moments because that’s just what we have got to do sometimes right? Seize the day, grab the horse by its stirrups. Or something along those lines.